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Pacha 2019

Club Tickets/VIP Tables

+34 666 911 609

David Guetta is out . Music On is in. But like Cocoon, I’m sure Music On will stay for one summer only. Music On needs to be at Amnesia, though I think Privilege would be a perfect fit, especially after their legendary 2018 closing party. Or why not a double residency for Music On 2020? If David Guetta can hold two residencies, why not Music On.
Solomun keeps his Sundays. Solomun Sunday is one of the greatest nights on the island, and one of my favorites. I believed Solomun was going to move to Amnesia, since Amnesia was not open on Sunday nights. Secret to Ibiza success - consistency.
SUNDAYS - because of its popularity and Pacha being a smaller club, I suggest getting a VIP Table - you'll be more comfortable. Contact me and let's talk about your options.

+34 666 911 609

Mondays sees a new residency. With Claptone taking Mondays, does this mean the end of Flower Power?


Fridays brings yet another new residency. Dixon, who's no stranger to Pacha, will take center stage with a complete new techno cyber-themed called 'Transmoderna'.

The last two seasons, Hot Since 82 held the Friday spot. I thought 2019 could have been a turn around season for him, especially with Music On Fridays out of Amnesia. Like I mentioned before; consistency is key to a successful Ibiza residency.

Saturdays won't see the return of Bob Sinclar. I think Flower Power Saturdays would be perfect. No one can compete with El Row, and Flower Power Mondays wasn't doing so well. So, put two and two together and you could get a winner. Plus Flower Power would be the only non house/techno party of the night.

CLUB TICKETS - only That Ibiza Guy has access to the original Pacha club tickets. These tickets give you direct entry. All the other tickets, whether (online, hotels, bars) won't give you direct entry. With their tickets, you will have to wait in the line, and lines at Pacha are quite long.

So, if you buy your Pacha tickets online, at your hotel, or at some bar, get ready to stand in line. Plus you'll get printed tickets, which is not environmentally friendly. Avoid lines, avoid complications and save trees. Contact me for all your tickets.

Club Tickets - NEVER buy your club tickets ahead of time - NEVER buy your tickets online - NEVER compromise. You NEVER know what's going to happen. Let your vacation happen. Let Ibiza run its course. Contact me and I'll organize your club tickets directly in Ibiza (day by day - one party at a time). It's the ultimate way to do Ibiza.

VIP TABLES - always best to book tables ahead of time. No compromise. No gimmick. No games. With That Ibiza Guy booking is Quick, Simple, Stress free. Let's talk.


BOAT PARTY - with That Ibiza Guy you'll do biggest (300+ people), craziest, wildest boat party in Ibiza, with four hours of real open-bar. You'll get family discount, priority boarding, express check-in and many more VIP perks. Why book your boat party elsewhere? Why pay full price? Why would you compromise? It's vital we talk boat parties. Contact me ASAP.



May 26 - Oct 13

Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609



May 27 - Sept 30

Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609


J. Balvin

June 4 - 11 - 18 - 25

July 9 -23

Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609


Calvin Harris

Aug 6 - Sep 3

Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609


Flower Power

May 29 - Oct 2

Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609


Music On

May 16 - Oct 10

Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609



May 24 - Oct 4

Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609


Pure Pacha

June 1 - Oct 5

Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609

Boat Party

+34 666 911 609

Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609

🇪🇸 Entradas, Mesas VIP, Fiestas en Barco, Alquiler Barcos/Yates, Alquiler Villas, Transfers. Con That Ibiza Guy lo tienen todo. Una persona. Una numero. Un Ibiza fabuloso.


ENTRADAS - NUNCA compran sus entradas en el Internet - NUNCA compran sus entradas anticipadas - NUNCA se comprometen, por que NUNCA saben lo que va pasar. Dejan sus vacaciones ocurrir. Toman Ibiza día por día. Una fiesta a la ves. Ponganse en contacto conmigo y les organizo las entradas, y mucho mas, directamente en Ibiza. Es la mejor forma de hacer Ibiza.

MESAS VIP - siempre mejor reservar antes de llegar. Sin compromiso vamos a ver cual es la mejor opción. Reserva rápida y fácil. Vamos hablando.

FIESTA EN BARCO - con That Ibiza Guy van hacer la fiesta mas grande (300+ personas) y mas loca de la isla. Les ofrezco también el mejor precio de la isla. Cuatro oras de barra libre.

+34 666 911 609

Entradas/Mesas VIP +34 666 911 609

🇫🇷 Billets, Tables VIP, Boat Party, Location Bateaux/Yachts, Location Villas, Transferts. Avec That Ibiza Guy vous avez tout. Une personne. Un numéro. Un Ibiza fabuleux.


BILLETS - JAMAIS acheté vos billets en avance - JAMAIS acheté sur l’internet - JAMAIS se compromettre. Vous savez pas se qui vas se passer. Prenez Ibiza jours par jours, une fête à la fois. Contactez moi et je vous organiserais vos billets, et beaucoup plus, directement à Ibiza. C'est la meilleur façon de faire les choses.


TABLES VIP - le mieux est toujours de réservé en avance. Sans aucun compromis, voyons quelle est votre meilleur option. Réservation rapide et facile. Parlons-en.


BOAT PARTY - avec That Ibiza Guy vous allez faire la plus grande fête possible (300 personnes) en mer. Vous serez mes VIP tout le long et je vous offre le meilleur prix sur Ibiza. Quatre heures de bar tout inclus.

+34 666 911 609

Billets/Tables VIp +34 666 911 609

🇮🇹 Prevendite, Tavoli VIP, Feste in Barca, Noleggio Barche/Yacht, Noleggio Ville, Transfers. Con That Ibiza Guy lo avette tutto. Una persona. Una chiamata. Un Ibiza favoloso.


PREVENDITE - NON comprate le vostre prevendite su internet- NON comprate le vostre prevendite in anticipo - NON vi compromettete. NON sapete mai quello che può accadere. Fatte le cose giorno a giorno. Lasciate Ibiza avvenire. Contattatemi e vi organizzerò le vostre prevendite direttamente in Ibiza. E il miglior mode di fare Ibiza.


TAVOLI VIP - sempre meglio prenotare prima di arrivare sull'isola. Senza compromesso, vediamo qual è la miglior opzione per voi. Prenotazione facile e veloce. Parliamone.


FESTA EN BARCA - con That Ibiza Guy farete la festa più grande (300 persone), più pazza di Ibiza. Sarete i miei VIP e vi offro il miglior prezzo dell'isola. Quattro ore di alcool incluso.

+34 666 911 609

Prevendite/Tavoli VIP +34 666 911 609
Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609
Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609
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