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David Guetta

Hï Ibiza or Ushuaïa?

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Like him or not, it's great that David Guetta will be playing at both Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza in 2019. So, for another season you'll have the choice to see David Guetta at Ushuaïa (Monday nights) or Hï Ibiza (Friday nights).

Why do I think it's great? It's great because you, the fans, have the option to see David Guetta where you want. It's great because David Guetta is not limited to play within one club. It's great because each venue offers a unique party experience.

The beauty of Ibiza is that you have world-renowned clubs, such as Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza, within minutes from each other. You don't need to travel far to experience magic. All you have to do is choose which party is best for you (open-air at Ushuaïa or new Ibiza at Hï Ibiza).

Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609

Undecided where to see David Guetta. Contact me and I'll tell you the difference between Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza. Both clubs are owned by the same people, but the experience is completely unique.

CLUB TICKETS - with That Ibiza Guy you get so much more than just a ticket. You get insider-party secrets about Ushuaïa and Hï Ibiza. I'll tell you how to go on the rooftop and head backstage at Ushuaïa, how to get up close to the DJ booth at Hï Ibiza, all for the same tickets price than online. Contact me and I'll organize your club tickets directly in Ibiza (day by day - one party at a time). It's the ultimate way to do Ibiza.

Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609

NEVER buy your tickets online.

NEVER buy your tickets ahead of time.

NEVER compromise.

Tickets NEVER sell out.

VIP TABLES - always best to book tables ahead of time. No compromise. No gimmick. No games. With That Ibiza Guy booking is Quick, Simple, Stress free. Let's talk.

Hï IBIZA, SEVERE DRESS CODE - Boys. Pay ATTENTION. Hï Ibiza is EXTREMELY severe with their dress code. It's crucial you understand this. I’ve seen too many guys denied entrance because of the way they were dressed; even if they had bought tickets online or at their hotel.

I’m here to make your Ibiza much bigger than you ever thought possible. No one will look after your party needs and tell you insider-party secrets like I will. With That Ibiza Guy it's all about you. Let's make your David Guetta experience a dream come true.

Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609

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Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609
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