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    Welcome to Ibiza

    Ibiza offers so many parties, boat parties & events. Which one is right for you? Who, where & when? To VIP or not to VIP? Choices, choices & more choices. With That Ibiza Guy it’s all about you. It’s all about having someone to talk to about music, parties & Ibiza.


    It's fundamental to have a trusted source/friend in Ibiza. Someone who'll make sure you're doing the right choices. Someone who'll make it easy to buy club tickets & book VIP table(s). Someone who'll save you money. Someone who'll make it a timeless Ibiza 2021.


    Welcome to Ibiza 😃

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    Entradas y mesas VIP +34 666 911 609


    Bienvenidos a Ibiza

    Ibiza ofrece muchísimas fiestas y eventos. ¿Cuáles son las mejores? ¿Deberían reservar mesas o comprar entradas directamente conmigo en Ibiza? Con todas estas opciones, es imprescindible tener a alguien de confianza en Ibiza.


    Colaborando con todas las fiestas de Ibiza, quiero asegurarme que vayan a las fiestas que mas les conviene. Además, estoy aquí para personalizar, y en Español, su compra de entradas y reservas de mesas. Vamos a organizar un inolvidable Ibiza 2021.


    Bienvenidos en Ibiza 😃

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    Billets et Table VIP +34 666 911 609


    Bienvenue à Ibiza

    Ibiza vs propose de nombreuses boîtes et fêtes. Cependant, lesquelles sont les meilleures pour vs? Vaut-il mieux prendre une table VIP ou acheter vos billets à Ibiza avec moi? Avec tous ces choix, il est indispensable d'avoir une source fiable sur Ibiza.


    Collaborant avec toutes les fêtes d'Ibiza, je vs conseillerai afin que vs fassiez les meilleurs choix en fonction de votre personnalité et de vos goûts musicaux. En outre, je personnaliserai vos achats de billets et réservations de table VIP. Préparez-vs pour un inoubliable Ibiza 2021.


    Bienvenue à Ibiza 😃

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    Prevendite e tavoli VIP +34 666 911 609


    Benvenuti a Ibiza

    Ibiza offre un grandissimo assortimento di feste e eventi. Quali fanno per voi? Sarà meglio riservare un tavolo VIP o comprare le prevendite direttamente con me a Ibiza? Con tutte le scelte è indispensabile avere una fonte di fiducia e affidabile in Ibiza.


    Collaborando con tutti gli eventi in Ibiza, voglio essere sicuro che partecipiate alle feste che più si adattano al vostro stile musicale. In più sarà mia cura personalizzare il vostro acquisto di prevendite e riserva di tavolo VIP. Preparatevi per un estate unica. Un indimenticabile Ibiza 2021.


    Benvenuti a Ibiza 😃

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  • That Ibiza Guy

    One-stop shop with That Ibiza Guy. Book VIP Tables. Buy Club Tickets. Reserve Boat Parties. Organize Transfers. Charter Boats. Rent Villas. Get Deliveries 24/7.


    Everything's possible with That Ibiza Guy. Nothing’s out of reach, nothing's too complicated. Quick. Simple. Stress free. To me it’s simple mathematics. That's why I am the No.1 Club/Party source of Ibiza. No calls go unanswered. No details go unnoticed. I thrive on simplicity, I pride on being the ultimate go-to-guy for clubbing/partying in Ibiza.


    It’s Ibiza 2020. You're working your butt off to be here. You've been waiting for this summer for quite some time. My goal is to make sure you're doing the right party choices and living the Ultimate Ibiza. A friend, looking after friends.


    Ibiza offers so many parties, boat parties, beach clubs and pool parties. Which ones should you go to? Which ones are right for you? In Ibiza choices are endless. Parties are banging. Luckily with That Ibiza Guy you have a friend to talk to about clubs, parties, boat parties, DJs, and everything in between. Together we'll see which parties are best for you. Define party needs vs music wants. See about club tickets or VIP Tables. Then off you'll go partying to Ushuaïa, Amnesia, Hï Ibiza, Pacha, Privilege, Destino, DC10, Eden, Ibiza Rocks, Ocean Beach.


    With That Ibiza Guy you'll never miss a beat. You'll always be on top of things; you'll forever be in the mix of it all. You'll be up-to-date on parties and know what's happening 24/7. I mean, a rubbish party is a day wasted, money in the garbage, worthless party-time. Rest assured and party STRESS FREE with That Ibiza Guy.


    Get ready for a timeless summer. Get ready for a mesmerizing Ibiza. There's nothing like having That Ibiza Guy to talk with before, during and forever after Ibiza. Having That Ibiza Guy by your side……PRICELESS.


    P.S. I'll make it easy for you to buy club tickets and/or book VIP Table(s).


    P.S.S. I'll share insights on tapas bars and Ibiza insider secrets. Remember. The flavors of Ibiza are not lived entirely through clubbing and partying.


    P.S.S.S. Even you 'Ibiza Veterans'. Touch base to be in tune with Ibiza 2020. The island……is changing.


    P.S.S.S.S. You haven’t experienced Ibiza until you’ve talked to That Ibiza Guy.


    Let's talk 😃

    +34 666 911 609 (Email)

  • +34 666 911 609 (Email)

    Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609

    Club Tickets

    +34 666 911 609

    🇬🇧 €10 cheaper than the door. Deliveries 24/7 - FREE.


    🇪🇸 €10 mas barato que en la puerta. Entregas 24/7 - GRATIS.


    🇫🇷 €10 moins cher que disco. Livraisons 24/7 - GRATUITES.


    🇮🇹 €10 meno caro che la disco. Consegne 24/7 - GRATUITE.

    Tickets/Tables +34 666 911 609

    Deliveries - 24/7

    +34 666 911 609

    🇬🇧 Deliveries - 24/7.


    🇪🇸 Entregas - 24/7.


    🇫🇷 Livraisons - 24/7.


    🇮🇹 Consegne - 24/7.

    Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609

    VIP Tables

    +34 666 911 609

    🇬🇧 Quick. Simple. Stress free. No gimmicks. No time wasting.


    🇪🇸 Reserva rápida y sin compromiso. Siempre mejores mesas.


    🇫🇷 Sans aucun compromis. Toujours les meilleures tables.


    🇮🇹 Attenzione veloce e efficace. Sempre i miglior tavoli.

    Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609

    Boat Parties

    +34 666 911 609

    🇬🇧 4 hrs open bar. 4 hrs all you can drink. Champagne. Sunshine. Eye Candies. VIP deals just for you @That Ibiza Guy.


    🇪🇸 4 oras barra libre. Locura. Belleza. Movimientos Sexy. Descuentos solo para ustedes @That Ibiza Guy.


    🇫🇷 4 heures 'alcool inclus/illimité'. Mecs. Gonzesses. Folie en mer. Rabais pour vous exclusivement @That Ibiza Guy.


    🇮🇹 4 ore 'alcool incluso illimitado'. Mare. Sole. Follia. Sconto per voi esclusivamente @That Ibiza Guy.

    Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609


    +34 666 911 609

    🇬🇧 Couple or group of 8/12. Size doesn't matter.


    🇪🇸 Tenemos barcos para parejas o grupo de 8/12 personas.


    🇫🇷 Couple ou en groupes de 8/12. On a le bateau pour vous.


    🇮🇹 In coppia o in gruppo di 8/12. Abbiamo la barca per voi.

    Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609

    Catamaran Fiesta

    +34 666 911 609

    🇬🇧 Catamaran fiesta + water sports, music & refreshments.


    🇪🇸 Fiesta en Catamarán + deportes acuáticos y música.


    🇫🇷 Fiesta catamaran + sport aquatique et musique.


    🇮🇹 Fiesta in catamarano + sport acquatici e musica.

    Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609


    +34 666 911 609

    🇬🇧 We'll make your rental experience simple & stress free. Welcome Home.


    🇪🇸 Experiencia de alquiler simple, sin estrés y en español. Bienvenido a casa.


    🇫🇷 Expérience de location simple, sans stress et en français. Bienvenue à la maison.


    🇮🇹 Esperienza di noleggio semplice, senza stress e in Italiano. Benvenuti a casa.

  • Boat Parties

    An Ibiza boat party is more than going onboard a small boat with 100 people.


    An Ibiza boat party is about 4 hours of open bar, people from all over, killer emcee, yummy eye candies, champagne showers, and size–YES, in this case, size does matter. I’m talking about 250+ guzzling crazy party animals partying for 4 hours on Ibiza’s biggest & craziest boat party. This is how you do an Ibiza boat party–colossally crazy.


    But which one’s the biggest, which one's the craziest? Which one holds 250+ guzzling crazy party animals? Contact me and I'll tell you all about it.


    Furthermore I'll give you a splashy deal. With That Ibiza Guy you'll never pay full price on your boat party. I'll save you money, while partying on Ibiza's biggest & craziest boat party (250+ people).



    - you won't have to book online.

    - you won't have pay ahead of time.

    - you can cancel at anytime.

    - No compromise. No obligation.



    - exclusive VIP treatment.

    - friends & family discount price.

    - express check-in, done by me.

    - express boarding, organized by me.

    - you're my VIP all the way.


    Piece of mind. Party stress free. It’s simple mathematics.


    There are a lot of boat parties in Ibiza. Some have excellent marketing power. But that's all they have. Once onboard it's a whole different story. Wrong boat party will wreck your holiday; perfect one will make it legendary. Let's talk about it.


    +34 666 911 609


    Celebrating a bachelor (stag) or bachelorette (hen)? Don't sweat it. I got it all under control. I'll arrange a few extras (at no extra cost). With That Ibiza Guy you'll save time and money while making his/hers last ‘single’ memories inappropriate for social media.


    +34 666 911 609


    Boat party not your thing, but still looking for a sea adventure. I got your back. There's a Catamaran Fiesta (maximum 70 people) with water activities, music, dancing and refreshments, all while sailing the breathtaking coastline of Ibiza.


    This is the, not too crazy fiesta, perfect for all ages. Soak up the sun. Sizzle down the beats. Welcome aboard.


    Let's talk 😃

    +34 666 911 609 (Email)

  • +34 666 911 609 (Email)

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