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Ushuaïa 2019

Tickets/VIP Tables

+34 666 911 609

I still don't get it. I still don't understand. Why hasn't Yann, CEO/Founder of Ushuaïa and Creator/Mastermind behind ANTS, hasn't put together an ANTS after-party at Hï Ibiza.

Think about it.

ANTS is an Ushuaïa event. Ushuaïa Entertainment is managing Hï Ibiza. Hï Ibiza is right across the street from Ushuaïa. When the clock strikes midnight, and Ushuaïa closes, all the ANTS have to do is cross the street, and voilà, they're in Hï Ibiza. It’s like Cinderella leaving the ball. But instead of heading home, she’s going to another club.

And why not have the ANTS cross the street to Hï Ibiza for its after-party. Such’s the vibe Saturdays at Ushuaïa. ANTS and the COLONY united every Saturdays within two different ants-hills:

Ushuaïa: 3pm - 12am

Hï Ibiza: 12am - 6am

That’s a lot of ANTS & VANTS (Ants VIPs) within Ushuaïa entertainment. That’s 15 hours of tickets sales, alcohol consumption and VANTS guzzling bottles in the VIP.

ANTS 2019 - I recommend heading over before 7pm, because you'll need time to head up to Ushuaïa's rooftop. This will make your ANTS/Ushuaïa experience unlike any other. You'll buzz watching ANTS from the rooftop and die from the aerial views.

But how do you get on Ushuaïa's rooftop? Why must you head over before 7pm? These are all insider party secrets you exclusively get from me. You see, for two years I managed social media at Ushuaïa, I interviewed DJs and was the voice of Ushuaïa radio. No one knows Ushuaïa like I do.

Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609
CLUB TICKETS - You'll need to buy club tickets. Get them from me, directly in Ibiza, and of course at the same price as online, and you'll be in for an heavenly surprise. Make your Ushuaïa experience unlike any other. Take advantage of my Ushuaïa insider party secrets.

Club tickets never sell out, so you have nothing to worry about. Plus deliveries are FREE 24/7. What better way to experience Ibiza's No.1 open-air club than with its ex Community Manager.

WEATHER - remember Ushuaïa is an open-air venue. When it rains in Ibiza, it pours, and ANTS in the rain is not FUN.YEAP, in Ibiza we get extreme weather. Imagine having to party with your outfits all drenched, your makeup running - your hair? What happens with your ONLINE tickets? Well, unfortunately, and excuse my french, YOU ARE SCREWED.
DON'T compromise by buying ANTS tickets ahead of time. DON'T buy your club tickets online. Contact me and we'll sort everything together (day by day), (one party at a time), directly in Ibiza. It's the safest way to do Ibiza.

+34 666 911 609

VIP TABLES - tables are best to organize ahead of time. Table bookings with That Ibiza Guy is Quick, Simple, Stress Free. No compromise. No gimmick. Let's talk.

Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609
Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609
Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609
Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609
Entradas/Mesas VIP +34 666 911 609
Billets/Tables VIP +34 666 911 609
Prevendite/Tavoli VIP +34 666 911 609
Club Tickets/VIP Tables +34 666 911 609
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